Thursday, June 17, 2010

Barataria Basin dubbed 'The Black Sea' THANKS BP!

Thick patch of oil discovered in Barataria Basin dubbed 'The Black Sea'

BARATARIA BASIN, La. -- Barataria Basin fisherman are now calling this thick patch of BP oil in Bay Jimmy, "The Black Sea."

The fumes are overwhelming and the sludge is toxic to the fragile marshes between Grand Isle and Lower Lafitte, south of New Orleans.

Tuesday, Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries agents discovered dead fish floating in the oil.

The fish were later identified as gulf menhaden, also know as pogey fish along the Louisiana coast.

"If you found dead fish, that's not good at all," said Lafitte fisherman Lindberg Santini.

Sanitini has fished these waters for the past 39 years. He said seeing the smaller fish die can only mean one thing for his livelihood on the water.

"Nobody really knows how long it's going to last," said Sanitini. "I don't think I'll be back fishing no more at my age."READ COMPLETE STORY

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